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Updated with new B/W pictures in Gallery

Yes, that’s right, we’ve updated with some new pictures in the gallery!

You didn’t believe me when I wrote in the last post that we would be trying to update a bit more, did you? But, “ha!” we are. ^_^

We are working on finishing some of our pictures that have just been lying about. It feels great updating again and I’m slightly embarrassed over the fact that I had to pull out my “Manga Studio for Dummies” book to remember how to import a picture with out quality loss and Neko had a disagreement with her scanner about settings. -_-‘

Thanks for staying with us!


Spring is in the Air!

It’s finally getting warmer again, with the first flowers of the year peeking out and delighting us all.
This winter was an unusually short one and for that, I’m thankful. ^_^

Neko and I’ve started to discuss what we want to do this year in the form of projects. Nothing has been decided yet, but we both want to finish some of our projects that we’ve been working on forever.
We both hope this year will be a more productive one then the previous year.

Thanks for supporting us, believing in us and sticking with us, this year we fighto!