New Year, New Look

We are finally giving the website some love this year 🙂 New new year promise is to try to update the blog more often now. I still feel it’s a new year although it’s already 2 months into the year. I still write 2014 instead of 2015 ^_^;

So, let’s talk about the new look and feel for the website. This time we wen’t for a responsive design. Smart phones are so common it’s not possible to ignore. So, we’ve chosen a design that will work for both desktop, tablet and mobile. And I had some fun trying to make some photo manipulation to showcase the change. Totally useless stuff, but meditative to just move some pixels and loose myself in it without too much thinking.

Along with the new design I thought I’ll post a new sketch. I’ve started sketching more often now. I’ve read that sketching is a good way to improve drawing skills. But let’s talk about sketching in another post another time 🙂


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