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New logo is completed :D

The new logo intended to be used on Strawberry’s colouring book is finished. The little creature in the logo is Decadence, our own little mascot that probably no one knows about. Poor little mascot XD 

A sneak peek of how the logo is going to be used on the cover of the colouring book.

Decadence in new logo

We have a small mascot called Decadence that probably no one knows about 😀 We are incorporating him in a new logo that we will be using for a book cover. You might wonder what book! Well, it’s a colouring book for children that Strawberry has been working on 🙂

Here’s a preview of the logo and a few work in progress images of the logo.


Sketching when travelling

My favourite activity while travelling is to find a nice cosy café and start sketching. When I travel to London I always visit the Foyles bookstore. After buying some books I go to the top floor to get some ‘fika’ and do some sketches 🙂

Finding old sketches…

Found an old sketch gathering dust. What a pity, right? I really liked it when I first designed this character. And I still like it now finding it again a few years later 🙂 So, I’m going to finish it and not let if go to waste laying in my drawer feeling lonely and unfinished 😀

Productive vacation

Vacation is soon over and I haven’t been as productive for a long time. Being on vacation gave me time to recharge and more energy to finish drawings I started on. I’m trying to not be picky about the result and try to finish my drawings instead 🙂

New Year, New Look

We are finally giving the website some love this year 🙂 New new year promise is to try to update the blog more often now. I still feel it’s a new year although it’s already 2 months into the year. I still write 2014 instead of 2015 ^_^;

So, let’s talk about the new look and feel for the website. (more…)

Maintenance notice

Due to some security update we need to uninstall our usual theme and then re-install it >_< For an hour or two our site will be a bit unstable today. We’re sorry for any inconveniences.