How to Fight Procrastination – Part 2 of 7

Tuesday: Re-learning to draw the face of the main character

Creating the ritual of making tea was a genius move! I got into the drawing mode right away while preparing the tea. And I looked forward to sitting down enjoying tea and do some drawing. My favourite tea for the evening is Hojicha with orange. It’s a special blend that I got at In the Mood for Tea. When I was studying Japanese by Odenplan I bought my tea from the shop and the owners were very nice, taking the time to let me sample new teas. They are also very knowledgeable about tea in general. It’s one of the stores that have good quality Asian teas. I buy all my teas from there, but now almost only online because I don’t study Japanese anymore.

I realized pretty soon that I can’t draw his face anymore and not even the basics of the proportions of a face. The shame ?I had to google how to draw faces. I started off with the traditional proportions of 4 equal sections and putting the eyes in the middle section. But that result didn’t look like my original character. Next, I dug out my how to draw manga books and did some study of proportions for manga characters. I measured the face proportions of male characters and drew some guidelines in the book. Funny thing was I felt good doing that. It felt like I making real use of the book! I think I’m a bit weird.

Male characters
I measured their face proportions.

Doing these studies improved the way I proportioned the face of my main character to be more aligned with how he originally looks like. What do you think?

Training on drawing the prince face
After not having drawn this character for several years. It took about an hour to start being able to draw the character’s face again.
Printout from the comic with the main character
This is the printout from the manga with the main character. It’s the first time we introduced the character in a full body shot.

Even if I felt that I could spend more time getting more familiar with how to draw his face I consulted Strawberry-chan about it and decided to move on to the next stage. As a famous quote says,

“The best is the enemy of the good.”

by Voltaire, who quoted an Italian proverb 😀

Moving on from drawing the face means to focus on designing the cover for chapter 1 of the comic. But that was a challenge for the next day. I learned the day before that overexerting the body is not the way to create new habits and to fight procrastination ❀

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