How to Fight Procrastination – Part 5 of 7

I’m amazed that I have been able to keep to my new years promise of fixing my procrastination problem and start drawing 1 hour every day.

Friday was another day of refreshing my mind of colour theory and how to create colour harmony. My go-to source for is a youtube video, “Understanding colours” by Blender Guru.

I’ve always found it immensely challenging to know what colours to use for my paintings. This video literally changed that. It helped me improve my paintings by making more deliberate when of my colour choices.

I also searched Pinterest for some inspiration. I tried out some colour combinations in Photoshop. I thought that would quicken the process, but that was not true. I’m not good at digital painting, so usually, it takes more time instead. I planned to use watercolour with the final version, and it was just impossible for me to imagine how the result would look from the digital drafts. For a short moment, I was at a loss because I didn’t feel like transferring the draft to watercolour paper several times over to make copies to test different colour schemes. I then remembered an artist I saw on Instagram, Ikedda, who does their watercolour paintings on regular notebook paper. So in the end, I printed out several copies of the cover art as “thumbnails” for some offline test with watercolours.

Printout of the covert art draft.
Printout of the covert art draft.

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