Comic Review – Spejs vol 1 by Jenny Hannula

Some time back, just after SIS19, someone on twitter suggested reviewing the books we bought.

I like this idea as many of the creators are not always well known outside their bubble and can be a great new read to someone. If you’ve never heard of an author or the books, some might be hesitant to buy the book online or give it a read.

So, with this I’ll start of my reviews with Spejs vol. 1 by Jenny Hannula.

Spejs is a space opera about a bounty hunter group on the planet Areos, where humans, Seri (big, strong, with tails) and Pangee (have some kind of power, purple skinned and so far, act a bit smug) all live together.

I’d never read this story before and I bought it because it had nice art and I like sci-fi. I’ve seen some of the characters and art floating around the internet at times, but never connected the dots to a comic.

The first volume is about a team member of the bounty hunters checking out a new driver for the team.

Story: The story was fun and a good introduction to the two characters. It was fast paced and reminded me a lot of those detective and bounty hunter tv series from 80’s/90’s like Magnum and Renegade (you know, the cool biker bounty hunter with the chill native american side kick).

Drawing: you can tell it’s a first volume as the drawings gradually get better over the first 10 or so pages, then they get consistent for the rest of the book. Does it annoy? Not really, the quality or style dosn’t massively change or jump, so you ease into it.


  • Colour comic! Wow, this must have cost an arm and a leg to print, but it’s lovely!
  • It’s a fast paced, good time, kinda read. No moral story or angsty stuff, just delight. I like that and wish there was more entertainment like that today.
  • It’s a very honest first comic. She didn’t try to introduce the hole team and make something epic and big, to then fail half way. She took two characters and took them on a spin to get a feeling for them. It could have ended there and been a great one shot, but it gave her options and these options gave her, so far 3 more books. It’s a smart way to comic.


  • No big, obvious vol. 1 on the front or similarly, I had to deduce and read the back of it to find out it was vol. 1. Had the same issue with vol. 3.
  • A bit on the short side. It was over way to soon!
  • There are one or two spelling mistakes. But considering english is probably her second or third language, it’s self published (so no editor to help) and most native english speakers do a lot worse, this is a very minor con. (It literally was one or two, this review probably has more misstakes).

Really fun read!

Read it yourself at:


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