Drawing Tip: Masking tape – where to buy

Masking tape, also known as painters tape (Swedish: Maskeringstejp) is a type of tape that I think most swedes got in contact with in wood shop at School and maybe if your painting a wall and need to make a straight line.

Well, it also happens to be great if you draw on paper in ink or watercolour or any other kind of situation where you would like to tape something, but not permanently, or need to build something, kinda, but not permanently.

I’m currently writing some blogposts about the joys and uses of masking tape, to further inspire people of the many art related uses of them.

Washi tape VS Masking tape

Now you’re probably thinking, but washi tape! Yes, but washi tape is expensive, a lot smaller and comes in smaller quantities. Also, I’ve found some tape sold as washi tape, sticks to paper much stronger than masking tape and can rip the paper when taken off. 

Oversimplified: Washi tapes job is to look pretty, masking tapes job is to be the less permanent cousin of duct tape.

So, where can you buy Masking tape? Art shops usually stock it, but the thing is I never buy it at art shops. Reason? I use to buy it in art shops, but they could be really expensive (over €10 sometimes!) and it could be hard to get to an art shop if I ran out suddenly.

What I found is building shops and and the like, carry them too and usually sell them for half nothing (€1-2) with more sizes. I’ve not noticed any difference between the one sold at art shops and the ones sold at building shops, but often the building shops will have them branded.

Any Swede reading this, will recognise the two logos on the inside of my masking tapes. Basically, if your dad enjoys shopping there, there is a good chance they stock masking tape. ha ha