Drawing Tip: Masking tape – your friend getting the hight right

Masking tape is one of my “must haves” when I draw at home. I love using masking tape to solve my little problems when I draw and you’d be surprised how much it can solve. 

In this example I needed the watercolour paper to be higher up, at eye level, but I didn’t want to tape the actual paper on the surface. This is a trick I’ve used before to stop things from sliding and what not. 

Step 1. Pull out about 1m masking tape, then roll it into a ball. Pull off 2 bits of masking tape big enough to attach the ball to the surface you need it to be on. (see first picture)

Step 2. Do step 1 again and attach the new ball parallel with first ball. (see picture no. 2)

Make sure you test and press it a small bit so it’s sturdy. 

Step 3. Place your paper or what ever you need balancing on top and check the hight is right, if not adjust. 

Best thing with this is it also lets you put the paper on an angle easily and once you’re done, the masking tape easily lets go and wont leave any damage or marks on nearly any surface. 

I’ve constructed quite elaborate set-ups at times, with just masking tape and a vision of what I needed.  

Hope you find this useful!