About Us


ReYa was formed on July 6 2004. It’s a Swedish circle dedicated to drawing comics in an Asian style, mostly manga and manhwa style. ReYa is the combined effort of Neko and Strawberry.

I write most of our scripts and plotlines, so if there is anything completely random in the stories, it’s probably my fault. ^_^’ I spend a lot of my time reading anything I get my hands on. I like playing my PS/Wii and love RPG's or weird Japanese games.

I’m a person that loves falling in love with lots of things. But with the restriction of time, I try to keep myself to drawing, manga, anime and hiking. Most of the time I’m the main illustrator of our manga because I’m not very good at cooking up plotlines. And to my rescue, I have Strawberry that does great work at coming up with new and interesting stories!

Connect With Us

Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions you may have.